The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation

ISSThe Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) is a NASA mission to place a waveform lidar instrument on the International Space Station. It will collect billions of measurements of the vertical distribution of vegetation within 22-m circular footprints worldwide to quantify aboveground carbon stocks in the world’s forests. This effort will provide a quantitative, globally consistent, and transparent assessment of the spatial distribution of carbon stocks in the world’s forests, greatly reducing uncertainty in our knowledge of the Earth’s aboveground carbon stocks. GEDI will launch to the ISS in late 2018 aboard a Spacex rocket.

Article: Measuring the Height of the World’s Forests, News from Brown, 1 October 2014 [article]

The GEDI Science Team: John D. Armston (University of Maryland, College Park), James B. Blair (Co-I, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Ralph Dubayah (PI, University of Maryland, College Park), Laura I. Duncanson (University of Maryland, College Park), Lola Fatoyinbo (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Scott Goetz (Co-I, Northern Arizona University), Matt Hansen (University of Maryland, College Park), Sean Healey (Co-I, USDA Forest Service), George Hurtt (Co-I, University of Maryland, College Park), Steve Hancock (University of Maryland, College Park), Michelle Hofton (University of Maryland, College Park), Scott Luthcke (Co-I, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Jim Kellner (Co-I, Brown University), Hao Tang (University of Maryland, College Park).